Deep Flow


Integrating a blend of styles this flowing class holds a focus on developing strength and increasing vitality while connecting deeply to breath and the body’s inner wisdom.

Suitable for all levels although the class does require a moderate level of fitness.


Hatha Level 2

(Explorations of a yogi)

Energising, invigorating, flowing, rejuvenating practice. Focusing on breath-led-movement. At times challenging. Not suitable for beginners. 


Early Bird Flow



A beautiful, energizing and vibrant practice to start your day. For those early risers and early birds. Suitable for all levels.


Morning Flow

Energising, flowing practice aimed at kickstarting your day with vitality and centring calmness. 




Develop balance, strength, flexibility, and breath control with Hatha. Hatha Yoga uses postures (asanas) in combination with the breath to encourage flexibility and inward inquiry. Suitable for all levels.




Got back pain?  Bad posture?  Just had a baby?  Want to get more out of your fitness and strengthen your core? Then you should try Pilates. This class is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.



Yin is a wonderful practice for learning how to be present. Using fewer postures and holding them for 3-5 minutes, we stretch passively by relaxing deeply. More like a series of short meditations, our yin practice aims to cultivate space, openness and relaxation in body and mind. 


Yin and Restore


Relax and restore your entire being.  This is the yoga of undoing. Enabling muscles, the nervous system, breath and mind to truly let go release, relax and restore. Practice is followed by yoga nidra,  a full body relaxation.


Gentle and Playful


A gentle class with a playful twist and a focus on using breath to help deepen our practice. In addition to a slower, steadier pace we explore some popular poses, even what some may consider advanced, and break them down into stages. We play with learning what the pose requires of us in terms of strength and flexibility, using props and modifications to make the postures accessible for everyone.




Vinyasa Flow

(Friday night Flow and Fundamentals of Flow and Karioi Vinyasa Flow)

General Flow Class up to intermediate level. Emphasis on balance and lengthening. Suitable for people who have practiced yoga for some time. Partly instructive class with adjustments and partly lead practice.


Core Flow 

Vinyasa flow style class with extra emphasis on core strengthening and stability.


Pre/Post natal Yoga


Suitable for expectant Mamas and Mamas and their new born - year old babies. Ideal for preparing the body for birth and motherhood in a safe environment. Focus on stability, strengthening and flexibility. All levels welcome/babies welcome.


Foundations and Alignment

This class is geared towards those who are new to Yoga, experienced yogis who wish to revisit their foundations, or those who prefer a basic practice.  Expect body alignment based instructions that provide support and empowerment.  Leave with a deeper understanding of how basic postures are put together. Build a strong foundation from which to grow your practice!  


Stretch and Relax

It is never to late to take a yoga class. Yoga offers you a great way to exercise and keep your body flexible and energised. As we grow older our bodies tend to hunch and compress. Yoga is especially good for you as you age. It is a very gentle and relaxing technique that helps strengthen and expand the lungs, increase muscle strength, joint flexibility, improve a sense of balance, overall wellness and vitality. An ideal way to rejuvenate the body and revitalise the mind.



Friday Night Flow

A strong practice. This practice is beneficial for anyone looking to build strength, increase range of motion, and improve flexibility.


Awaken and Energise

A beautiful start to your weekend and wonderful start to the day. This 75 minute class will awaken and energise the body and mind, preparing ourselves for the flow of lifes journey. 



Slow Flow Hatha

Slow flowing movements, breathing exercises and breath-movement coordination, core work and restorative elements. Suitable for beginners or people who had a long break from yoga practice.


Sunday Hatha

(Loft Teachers rotation)

Come along for  a yummy nourishing sunday morning hatha yoga class. This class will be taught by a different loft yoga teacher each sunday, suitable for all levels. 




For beginning students to learn correct alignment and breathing in basic yoga postures, ideal for those students who have completed the Intro to Yoga course.

LEVEL 1 & 2
For students who have attended Level 1 classes and are ready for a more advanced beginning class. The basic postures are presented in more challenging ways with a focus on the fundamentals of yoga.

Designed to take students to the intermediate level. More advanced postures and sequences are introduced requiring a bit more strength, stamina, and flexibility.

LEVEL 2 & 3
Students must be familiar with intermediate yoga postures, including inversions and backbends. More challenging and vigorous sequences are typical in these classes.