Teacher, therapist and co founder of the Raglan Yoga Loft, Shannon has been teaching Yoga since 2010 after she completed her 200 hour RYT Hatha Training in Rishikesh, India.

She has spent time teaching and studying with many inspiring teachers in Europe, Usa and Bali, and continues to study the practice of Yoga, meditation and self inquiry on her own personal journey.

Shannon holds a diploma in Therapeutic Massage with Remedial Body therapies and uses her knowledge of Anatomy to inform her practice and teaching. She believes through the platform of Hatha yoga and focus on the breath and movement, Yoga can be a tool for profound self-transformation. Her classes offer a chance to look inward, move the body and connect to the breath in a safe and welcoming way.





Mum, registered nurse and yoga teacher, Anna is  one of the founding partners of the Raglan Yoga Loft. She has been practicing yoga for over 16 years. Her Yoga journey started here in Raglan and has taken her to London where she spent 4 years practicing at Triyoga with Panilla Marott and Jeff Phenix.  In 2007 she went on to do her 200 hour Yoga Alliance RYT with Tias (current teacher on Yoga Glo)  and Surya Little of Prajna Yoga, Sante Fe, USA. Commencing in the following years her 500 hr Yoga Alliance RYT with Prajna Yoga. 

On returning to New Zealand 8 years ago Anna started teaching yoga here in the dairy co-op building. Anna loves to impart the joy of practicing yoga in her classes. She enjoys to playfully challenge her students and incorporate breath-led-movement. She seeks to impart the meaning of yoga - "To bring about union/ unity/ balance" through her classes - balancing stability with flexibility, strength with softness, active doing and passive letting go.  Thus encouraging a practice which is both enlivening, centring and calming. 

Other influences on her yoga journey include Tara Judelle, Elena Brower and Linda Spackman with whom she did a course in Pre and Postnatal Yoga. 




Belinda is a Registered Naturopath working with Nutrition, Herbal Medicines and Neuromuscular/ MassageTherapies.

Yoga philosophy and practice are a valuable part of providing holistic healthcare as well as playing a big role in my private life.  I love being compassionate, honest and peaceful. Approaching life with joy in turn gives me a lot of life enjoyment .

My interest in yoga started about twelve years ago with regular practice for the past 10 years. One of my teachers through most of that time was Anna, one of the co-founders of the ‘Raglan Yoga Loft’. From 2010 to 2015 I taught a vinyasa class in the rural community of Te Uku. Later, in 2014 I also started a ‘gentle-flow’ class for beginners in Raglan.

After all these years filled with yoga practice I finally decided to complete my yoga teacher training.

The studies were based on Hatha yoga and I graduated as Registered Yoga Teacher (yoga alliance accredited) in August 2015 in Ubud / Bali.

Since my return from Bali I have been teaching a Gentle Hatha Vinyasa class once weekly. I enjoy  working with alignment and balance in body and mind.




Eva (200hour RYT),  began practicing yoga in 2007 while recovering from a sports related injury. She soon realised the healing properties of yoga; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Eva is inspired by the unlimited capacity of learning and discovery in the practice of yoga. Eva's approach to yoga on the mat is challenging and playful. Using precise alignment and deep conscious breathing to find freedom in the body and reveal our true potential.

Off the mat Eva can be found surfing and getting sandy down the beach with her two dogs.




"Kay started practicing yoga in 2007, and discovered her love for Ashtanga yoga in 2009, under the guidance of Katie Deare and Peter McNaughton at Sun Salute Yoga in Hamilton. In 2013 she completed a year long YA200 certificate in teaching training at the Auckland Yoga Academy, under the guidance of Jude Hynes and Peter Nillson, with Katie Deare as her mentor. As well as yoga Kay has a passion for the arts, the outdoors, and also works as a freelance photographer and leather craftswoman."




Finding grace was for me one of the main draws to yoga. Intrigued by it's tradition and philosophy I began dabbling in various forms 5 years ago. It was through these practices I learnt how to feel graceful, both in my physical and emotional movements. 

Yoga has taught me how to (re)connect, listen and respond to my physical body. More than that, it has become a toolbox from which I can draw, to navigate all aspects of my life. Although I have a yoga teacher certificate, I feel like a student foremost and aim to remain open to learning from everything and everyone around me. 

I’d like to create an open, welcoming space, where we can move, have fun and learn together, discovering how we can be graceful both on the mat and beyond. I am dedicated to deepening my knowledge on the roots and traditions of yoga, and hope to share what I learn with my classes. 

Amy is a 200 hour RYT, having trained in Wellington and Bali. She loves writing, yoga and planting plants. 






Lucien completed his 200 hour Power living training and now teaches in and around the Waikato. "For me Yoga is fun, conscious movement exercise that I use to reconnect with the body, observe the mind and bring it all back to breath. I love watching myself progress through the practice and get as much a kick watching others do the same. It’s so good at keeping me in check and cool seeing aspects of Yoga overflow into other parts of my life. Come along to the Loft and say hello!




Initiated into the Bhakti Yoga tradition (Yoga of devotion), he integrates a range of practices into his Yogic lifestyle, with a background in Ayurvedic cooking, organic gardening and permaculture. He also dedicates much of his time to the study of Yogic/Vedic philosophy, with a keen interest in the ancient science and psychology of these paths, and how we apply that in our modern lives. He annually spends time in India to further his practice and study, under the guidance of his spiritual master as well as other various distinguished teachers, and is always eager to grow and learn from all.

Venu has been teaching locally in Raglan for 5 years, having completed a 200hr YTT and Ayurvedic certification in Hrishikesh India. Having directly experienced the transformational power of the Yoga system himself, and seeing the positive effect on his life, Venu hopes to share what he has gained and serve others on their journey forward.





Jenny is a practicing Physiotherapist with 16 years experience who completed her STOTT Pilates training in 2013.

She is the mother of 2 young boys and moved to Raglan 6 years ago with her husband to follow her passion for surfing.

“I get asked all the time, “What is Pilates? Would it be good for me?” Pilates is a series of exercises that focuses on strengthening the abdominals, glutes, shoulder and back muscles. “I believe Pilates is good for everyone; men, women, young or older, whatever your recreation or sporting interests are. I have never met someone who wouldn’t benefit from strengthening their core and improving their posture. Personally, I have found that Pilates has allowed me to gain better abdominals than before having children and to become a faster, more efficient paddler on my surfboard”.

Note / Jenny is a little ripper in the surf, often seen charging outsides.





"I was introduced to yoga in 2008, when my NZ sprint coach would take us through a practice every Friday before our weekend competition. As a National sprinter, it was such a  contrast to the normal training we did everyday, it quietened my normally speeding active mind and gifted me with such peace. Leading on from my athletics career, I completed my personal training cert 3 and 4 qualifications, and enjoyed running high tensity trainings and bootcamps but always desired to share health and wellness on a deeper level. I continued to attend yoga classes and sure enough, every time I walked out of a class, I would have the desire to deepen my yoga journey. So after years of practicing yoga, I took the next step, one day I came home from work and booked in my 200hr Teacher Training I recently completed my training with Santosha in Nusa Lembongan, Bali March 2017. I teach a Vinyasa flow with emphasis on strength as naturally my sprinting and personal training experience flows through in my teaching. I also love to bring a sense of humour into my classes, I don’t believe we should ever take life or ourselves too seriously, and its such a delight to see the different personalities shine through a class."



I discovered yoga (or yoga discovered me) approximately 15 years ago when I had a lot of stress in my life and was not taking care of myself very well.  I fell off a horse and sustained a lower back injury; the discomfort that resulted from that event led me to seek out something I could do to help myself feel better.  Yoga was the gift that unfolded out of the pain, over time changing my life and my outlook in a myriad of ways. 

My work as a massage therapist and aromatherapist inspired me to train to be a yoga teacher, and I completed my 200 hours in May of this year, studying classical Hatha yoga with the Akasha Yoga Academy in Ubud, Bali. Yoga has helped me personally in a number of ways - physically, emotionally, mentally, and it is something I love to share with others.  I believe yoga is for everyone - regardless of shape, size, age and physical ability.