Introduction to Kundalini 8 week course with Kymmie Spry
to Nov 4

Introduction to Kundalini 8 week course with Kymmie Spry

Kundalini yoga is powerful.
It combines a dynamic blend of postures, breathing, mantras & meditation.
This practice teaches you the art of relaxation, how to heal your mind & body. It stimulates the glandular

system, restores the nervous system & strengthens the immune system.

Join teacher Kymmie Spry and experience this ancient and sacred practice for yourself.
This 8 week experience could radically shift every aspect of your modern day life.




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Breath, Sound & Soma - A Weekend of Reconnection & Self-Care
to Nov 24

Breath, Sound & Soma - A Weekend of Reconnection & Self-Care


Join Mei Lai Swan for a 3-day immersion into the restorative and transformative power of your own breath, sound and soma.

Together we will explore restorative somatic yoga and movement practices, breath and voice work, yoga nidra, contemplation, and simple rituals for self-care and reconnection.

This is an opportunity to nurture and honour your own natural rhythms. To find time for exploration and expression. And to reconnect to your own sense of inner belonging, well-being and self-care.

Who is this weekend for?

Suitable for all levels of experience and ability, this weekend immersion is for anyone wishing to slow down, reconnect and nourish their own sense of well-being through embodied and mindful practices. Offered with an invitational approach, participants are encouraged to engage in the practices in a way that feels as safe and nourishing as possible for each individual and the collective.

Yoga teachers are able to receive CEU with Yoga Alliance (US).

About Mei Lai Swan
Dedicated to the path of yoga, meditation and community for the past 20 years, Mei Lai Swan’s approach to yoga is inclusive, invitational and inquiry-based. An experienced yoga teacher and facilitator with a professional background in music, community development and social work, Mei Lai specialises in nada yoga (sound and mantra), embodiment, trauma-informed yoga and social justice. Her great interest is in making the richness and depth of the yoga teachings and practices accessible, relevant and empowering for each individual. There is no dogma, no ‘perfect pose’ to achieve, nothing to strive for. Instead, there is an invitation to explore and celebrate the mystery of life, in the unique form of your own body-mind and expression, in a way that feels right for you.

Mei Lai is the founder and director of Yoga for Humankind, a social enterprise yoga school offering trainings in contemporary hatha, trauma-informed and community yoga. She has completed a Master of Social Work, and is a certified teacher of Embodied FlowTM Yoga, Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra, and the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. Mei Lai has undertaken extensive study and practice in yoga philosophy, meditation, mantra and devotional practices; Ashtanga, Anusara and Vinyasa-based hatha yoga; Body As Voice somatic trauma therapy with Amber Gray (US); and somatic movement therapy with Embodied FlowTM.

From Melbourne, Australia, Mei Lai now travels extensively, sharing yoga trainings, immersions, workshops and kirtan around the world.

$325 Early Bird *until 1st September, Concession i.e community card holders, students.

$385 Full Price after 1st September.

"We support inclusivity and accessibility. If the concession pricing is still inaccessible for you, and you would sincerely like to join, please email us to discuss options."

Payment plans optional. Please contact

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Discover the wholeness of Being with Cheryl Farthing
to Jul 28

Discover the wholeness of Being with Cheryl Farthing


Cost $225 until 25th June (early Bird Price), $250 after.

Take a journey to uncover what rests at the core of your being. Learn how to welcome all that you are and be at ease with, and find the best response to, the challenges you face.

Come and be taken on an exquisite journey of surrender and letting be …. a place where you will discover an awakened yet relaxed state as your body and mind find deep rest and a place in you that is always perfectly at ease, perfectly whole and fully at peace.

iRest® yoga nidra is a research based meditation protocol developed by Dr.Richard Miller and his team to help heal veteran soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder. It magically melds ancient yogic practices with the techniques of mindfulness and with current findings in neuroscience and is now used widely throughout the world to help with general relaxation as well as for chronic pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety.

It doesn't matter if you've never practised yoga nidra before - everyone is welcome.

You will learn tools and gain insights to help you recover your natural ability to find ease, stillness and rest. There will be gentle asana based body sensing movement, guided irest practices and blissful sound meditation baths as crystal bowls and other sound therapy instruments will accompany you as you journey deeper into discovering your wholeness of being.

Workshop will be lead by Cheryl Farthing a yoga teacher for last 18 years who has studied globally with many leading teachers but is most profoundly infuenced by Geeta Iyengar, Judith Lasater, and Dr Richard Miler. She lives in Auckland where she runs The Yoga Studio sharing sound therapy, yoga and iRest. She is very passionate about the teachings of iRest as they have helped her to embrace life's ups and downs (of which there have been many) with sense of joy, ease and grace. She is one of a handful of certified teachers in NZ and regularly runs specialist workshops for insomnia, teens with anxiety, parents of children with disabilities, chronic pain and for everyone dealing with the business of everyday life.

Through a weekend combining dynamic asana practice, breath work, yoga nidra, philosophy and restorative yoga practice, whether you’ve been preoccupied with physical aspects of your being, or searching to find answers and direction on a spiritual or personal quandary, you will develop and learn tools that will help you to find energy, balance and peace in your everyday life.

Over the weekend you will learn the 10 tools of iRest yoga nidra and explore how to integrate these practices into your daily life
Liberate energy through an exploration of the Koshas and chakras

Melt tension with blissful sound baths

Learn to discover a place of equanimity of being.

To experience and learn the fundamentals 10 step protocol of iRest® Yoga Nidra
Restorative Yoga where you fully relax as you journey inward to the sound of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and liberate stagnant energy.
Explore how gentle yoga practice becomes a moving expression of iRest yoga nidra come to the first- hand experience of your body as pure dynamic vibration.

Workshop includes workbook and audio recording

Cost $225 until 25th June (early Bird Price), $250 after.

Workshop Times
Friday 26 July 7.30- 9 pm
Saturday 27 July 10 .30 – 1.30 ( 3 hours) and 3pm – 5pm ( 2 hours)
Sunday 28 July 9.30 - 12.30pm ( 3 hours) and 2 – 4pm ( 2 hours)

Bookings Directly at or 0274760067.
Note this event is being marketed in Auckland and is already filling up. 8 spaces left so do get in touch if you wish to attend.

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Raglan - Experience Kundalini Yoga
1:30 PM13:30

Raglan - Experience Kundalini Yoga

Are you curious about Kundalini Yoga? Or do you want to explore meditation, chanting, and breathing techniques? This Beginner's workshop is a great way to learn about the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and develop an understanding of this style of yoga.

* A little background and history about Kundalini Yoga and how it differs from other styles of yoga.
* Learn fundamental Kundalini Yoga breath patterns (pranayama), basic asana (postures), mantras (sound/chanting), and use of the bandhas (body locks).
* Learn about Meditation, the mind, and meditation tools.
* Experience a Gong Sound Bath for relaxation

COST: $35

LOCATION: Raglan Yoga Loft, 58 Wallis Street, Raglan, Waikato, New Zealand.

About Erin O'Hara:
Erin offers the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She has been teaching since 2011 after training at Golden Bridge in LA. She moved back to New Zealand in 2012 to establish the Kundalini Yoga community and opened Golden Yogi studio in 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand. Her focus has been to develop a healthy, happy, and conscious community.

Erin also gathers knowledge of Science and Natural Medicine with two University Degrees in Science and Naturopathy. She has an integrated approach to wellbeing bringing balance between the body, mind, and soul. She leads regular yoga classes, workshops, and works one-on-one in the clinic for Naturopathy and healing consultations.

tickets available

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Tune In - Music and Yoga Session
11:00 AM11:00

Tune In - Music and Yoga Session

A simply beautiful collaboration - meditative classical yoga shapes guided by Radha with the background of life mellow acoustic music by professional musician Phill Jones.

Tune In-to your own self, to your rhythm and the music of your heart.

Tune In is a journey through all the layers, bringing us into a space of union, yoga. This practice combines asana with a process of cultivating awareness and presence, and dissolution into sound.
In a gentle yet powerful sequence of yoga postures, we will explore the energy centres - chakras, backed-up by a musical piece created on the spot in resonance with their specific energy.

Based on her experience in teaching Hridaya hatha yoga for years, Radha guides this class as a combination of deeply relaxing and some more challenging postures - so that all aspects of life are present, all five elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether. This is a practice which touches far deeper dimensions of our being than the physical. Triggering the awareness of the Heart, sense of simplicity and deep peace, it will leave you nourished and more connected with yourself.

The musical background is provided by professional musician and award winning composer Phill Jones, playing a rich variety of instruments from around the world. A true Sound Journey -a treat for your years and for the soul!

Nourish yourself and open to harmony for the body and soul!

Saturday 18th May

The Yoga Loft, Raglan

We'd deeply appreciate your booking in advance as spaces are limited.
Contribution of $22 prepaid to account number 38-9018-0631442-00


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Rise Yoga 100hour Immersion
to Mar 10

Rise Yoga 100hour Immersion

Are you ready for your life to meet you in your yoga?

You’ve come to the right place.

On this incredible Rise Yoga 100 hour Immersion, and you will:

  • dive deep into the tantric philosophy of Waking Up - a practical toolkit designed by ancient yogis to yogify your whole life, from the inside out
  • learn techniques of mantra (sound), pranayama (breath work), kriya (cleansing) and meditation that will super-charge your asana practice (yoga poses)
  • explore the anatomy of embodiment - a deep, felt understanding within in your own body
  • take all of this into an incredible 4-5 hour daily sadhana (devotional practice) of mantra, pranayama, kriya, asana and meditation
  • transition back into your life with your own consistent and self-nourishing yoga practice
  • develop a greater understanding and embodiment of what deep aliveness and fulfilment really means for you.

If you’re considering teaching yoga, by the end of the Immersion you will know what the right next step is for you. If you decide to teach, the next step is to add on a Rise Yoga 100 hour Teacher Training in Auckland, Raglan, Mt Maunganui or Bali (which, combined with your 100 hour Immersion, gives you the required 200 hour teaching certification).

About Adele:

Adele’s dream is to live in a world where yoga is medicine, desire is celebrated, everyone exudes aliveness, and dancing in the streets is highly encouraged – if not mandatory.

Adele has a deep love of research, exploration and experimentation. Her life to date has seen this passion directed toward the tradition, styles, tools and methods of yoga, and related areas such as restoring wellbeing, healing, working skilfully with the mind, and finding her own true meaning and purpose. As well as being the founder and lead facilitator of RISE Yoga, Adele is an ERYT500hr yoga teacher with advanced trainings in Embodied Flow, Yoga Medicine and Prana Flow.

“Put the warmest heart and graceful action with shockingly razor sharp intellect and wit, package it in a beautiful embodiment of a human being and you get Adele Kinghan.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Adele for six years, and consider her to be the full package of a master facilitator.  Adele has the rare capacity to make anyone feel joyous to be alive.  She somehow makes the most complicated things seem easily achievable, and approaches each day and task with untroubled competence evocative of all the world’s greatest leaders.  Her depth and breadth of yogic knowledge is paralleled by few.  I would highly recommend any training with Adele as a rich tapestry of deep learning, and an elegant dive into being, with a great great teacher.”  Tara Judelle – Embodied Flow™


100 hour Deepen Your Practice, Flow With Your Life yoga study immersion

6-10 March & 24-28 April

The Yoga Loft, Raglan NZ

Tuition: $1,990 early bird (paid by 6 January) + meals


To sign up, or for more information, email Sarah:

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Elevate your Asana / Raglan Aerial Yoga
11:00 AM11:00

Elevate your Asana / Raglan Aerial Yoga

Experience yoga in a new and unique way. Use the support of a yoga swing to enhance and uplift your practice. 

Join Lou on Saturday 22nd December. There will be 4 class times throughout the day .......

11 – 12.15pm
1 – 2.15pm
4.15 – 5.30pm

Each class runs for 75 minutes and will include restorative and dynamic sequences to deeply stretch and open the body, strengthen the core and decompress the spine – all in a fun and playful way.

Cost is $25 per session and booking is essential as spaces are limited.

For bookings and enquiries contact Lou on 0211882994 or email

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Quantum Light Breath work
7:15 PM19:15

Quantum Light Breath work

Come and join Dr Ines Howe for an uplifting exploration into your authentic self following the guidance of your breath. Experience the transformative power of your own breathing in a conscious connected rhythm. Allow the releasing, letting go and opening to happen.

Connected breathing is easy, simple and safe. It is a non-verbal path to healing. It dissolves emotional blocks and releases physical tension and stress. Conscious breathing connects us to our reservoirs of creativity, life energy and joy.
You are invited to rediscover the full potential of your breath, in a mindful and respectful setting.

During this one hour Breath Meditation you will be guided by the words and dynamic music of Jeru Kabal. There will be an opening and closing circle as well as an introduction into the breath.

Please contact me if you are currently pregnant or dealing with serious injuries, severe symptoms of the heart or nervous system.
Best not to eat 2 hours before and wear comfortable clothes.

Where: Yoga Loft, Raglan
When: December 15th , 7.15 pm to 9..30 pm
Energy exchange: prior 35 $, at the door 40 $

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Aerial Yoga - Elevate your Asana
11:00 AM11:00

Aerial Yoga - Elevate your Asana

Experience yoga in a new and unique way. Use the support of a yoga swing to enhance and uplift your practice.


Join Xime and Lou on Saturday 3rd November. There will be 4 class times throughout the day


11 – 12.15pm

12.45 – 2pm

2.30 – 3.45pm

4.15 – 5.30pm


Each class runs for 75 minutes and will include restorative and dynamic sequences to deeply stretch and open the body, strengthen the core and decompress the spine – all in a fun and playful way.


Cost is $25 per session and booking is essential as spaces are limited.


For bookings and enquiries contact Lou on 0211882994 or email  @yogastop.

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Shadow Yoga Workshop with Jaymin Gansell
to Sep 2

Shadow Yoga Workshop with Jaymin Gansell

Shadow Yoga Workshop with Jaymin at the Raglan Yoga Loft on Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd September. Saturday 6.30am-8.30am & 3-5pm, Sunday 6.30-8.30am. Cost $120.

The form of Shadow Yoga is a Hatha Yoga system that utilises dynamic fixed forms. The forms ignite the inner fire, remove obstruction & develop co-ordination of bodily movements with the rhythm of the breath in progressive stages.

The practice cultivates the qualities one needs to advance safely and effectively along the limbs of HathaYoga.

Jaymin is a Shadow Yoga & Nritta Sadhana teacher, her Shadow Yoga journey began in 2002. Jaymin studies under Shandor Remete & Emma Balnaves, the founders of Shadow Yoga.

To Book or for more information contact Jaymin on
027 292 0193.

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Fundamentals of Flow with Eva Rich
to Jun 13

Fundamentals of Flow with Eva Rich


SATURDAYS 10.30 - 11.45

A 6 week program to deepen your practice. Use strength and bio-mechanics to improve the foundations of your vinyasa flow
 This course is suitable for long time practitioners and beginners alike. We will deconstruct the key elements of vinyasa yoga.
 Build a strong foundation to further develop your yoga postures and gain tools to practice safely and with confidence.
Each session will be a 75 minute strong and complete practice suitable for all levels.

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Rise Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
to Apr 4

Rise Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


4 separate immersive weeks throughout the year. Dates are as follows.
- Immersion 1: 29th March to 2nd April
-Immersion 2: 17th May to 22nd May
-Teacher Training 1: 10th September to 15th September
-Teacher Training 2: 29th October to 3rd November

You are able to book in for the immersion parts 1 and 2 for a deeper exploration of your own personal practice, it is then optional to take the 2 teacher training components to complete the 200hour YTT certification.

RISE is a Yoga Alliance certified 200hour program, recognised by and registered through the School of Embodied Flow™ and grounded in vinyasa yoga and tantric teachings. Backed by several years of experience in teaching yoga teacher trainings at the 200hour basic and the 300 hour advanced training, we commit to offering the highest standard of teaching methods.

Led by seasoned faclitator Adele Kinghan, this immersion and teacher training offers a skillful blend of movement, asana (yoga poses), meditation, philosophy, anatomy, psychology and science as technologies for acquiring an integrated sense of strength, ease and connectivity in the human form. We meet on the mat as a place to discover your own innate capacity to step into a life that is in flow, where you can thrive in every layer your being and take that awakened mind out into world.

Only Embodied Flow™ teacher training offered in New Zealand

Teaching yoga will likely be one of the most rewarding and awe-inspiring paths you’ll embark upon. Facilitating yoga experiences – in essence being a yoga teacher – is much more than cueing a series of physical shapes. Learning about and teaching poses is merely the gateway (one of many gateways) for something much bigger. 

View it as six months to upgrade your life.

In this yoga immersion and training we bring to life the potential in our practices with a limited-size group of curious people who are ready to question, explore and shake things up.

We create spaces where we feel that we belong, where we feel at home. We inspire hope, belief and trust. We move and be moved, challenge and be challenged, with the perfect blend of practical knowledge and spiritual meaning.

We examine how we doubt and suffer and alchemize it with vulnerability and love. We create boundaries to find a framework for freedom, and we crack our perspective wide open. We come together to laugh and deepen our joy and shed our pain. We find stillness. We articulate and bring into being all that’s possible within, while reveling in how truly magical – and similar – we actually are.

It’s for this reason that RISE is affiliated with Embodied Flow™. This method is the foundation for how you grow into yourself – the self that is beyond your current day construct of who you are. The self that is limitless and full of agency. The self that is easeful and all knowing. The self that is true, conscious and imbued with wellbeing.

Intelligent, inclusive and enlivening yoga for a healthy, resilient, awake body and mind.

4separate immersive weeks to transform everything you love and know to be true – in the dance of the highs and lows of your humanness – into the artistry of teaching yoga and facilitating change.

Join us in 2018 and… 

Be schooled in teaching methodology in the style of vinyasa, yin and Embodied Flow and craft classes you’re inspired to take and teach
Dive into embodied experiential anatomy and alignment
Learn and practice theming strategies to take your students on an expansive and up-leveling journey
Create intelligent and skillful vinyasa sequences and find your own language to inspire classes and movements
Discover your authentic voice and deepen your presence – unlocking your own unique potential
Find confidence to offer therapeutics to work with common imbalances, injuries and applied yoga techniques for special populations (trauma informed teaching)
Explore appropriate modifications for each category of poses
Learn how to teach from the bodies you see in front of you, not from an external or dogmatic ideal.
Discover how to empower and support different bodies, and practice verbal and hands-on adjustments
Build class templates for teaching a beginner’s series as well as open-level group classes
Understand the special needs of yoga for pregnancy and restorative application
Embody what it means to hold space for your students, how to read the room, and practice empathy
Confidence in using music in the yoga room and other ways to construct elements for transformative experiences
Uphold yoga ethics and be a leader in the yoga community
Distill your values and vision for your offerings and translate that into the business of yoga. Discover what YOU + YOGA is and how to bring that alive
Observe others in their courage and presence, and practice teaching – A LOT
Feel connected and supported with post-training mentoring to practice with other RISE graduates and continue to evolve with the material.

To make an enquiry contact Adele at or

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The Science of Chakra Yoga with David Goulet
to Jan 29

The Science of Chakra Yoga with David Goulet

In this workshop David presents an insight into the interconnections between conciousness - mind - energy - and body. Chakra yoga brings in method and technique to re format the mental components while rejuvenating the body and empowering the chakras, resulting in a joyful emotional state of higher conciousness.
The workshop will include
- Individual chakra analysis
-Intro to the time cycles of the chakras and personal calendars
-Intro to yogic contemplation and concentration
-Flows and sequences for the 5 body systems

Spread over three days Friday 7/10pm, Saturday 10.30-7.30pm, Sunday 7-9am and 11-4.30pm. Total cost $250.

David began his studies in Yoga in 1969, studying in India where he met Swami Gitananda, setting the course for this lifetime. Inspired by his experiences in the energy world of chakras, he went on to discover the ancient cultures of the Mayans and Egyptians who were well aware of these forces in the quantum world. David explains yoga with a new view of mind body medicine. He has a living practice of 9 forms of yoga and has established 2 centres in Asia where he teaches the result of his life studies and research.

To book contact or phone 0277734021

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Raglan: Take5 Breathing Workshop
2:00 PM14:00

Raglan: Take5 Breathing Workshop

Discover how your breathing influences your direct experience of life. Feel how your brain, your heart, and your body are affected through your breath. Learn to switch from "autopilot" to "conscious pilot" with your breath at any moment.

Tickets are $35 through our website

Benefits of focused breathing:
+ It enhances life and makes everything more awesome
+ Reduces stress and anxiety instantly
+ Increases your focus and clarity
+ It’s a legal natural high - get a dose of your own happy hormones
+ Boosts your happiness
+ Heightens your awareness
+ Improves your health
+ Increases your energy, performance and recovery
+ Helps you sleep better

Who’s this for:
+ Anyone who’s looking to improve and bring more awareness into any aspect of their life
+ People who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and other mental challenges
+ Anyone seeking further clarity, focus, and fulfilment
+ Those looking to increase their physical performance, body awareness and recovery
+ Anyone wanting to boost their happiness and find a sense of calm
+ Everyone breathes and can benefit from focused breathing exercises and understanding

Who is Scott?
Scott is a Certified Wim Hof Instructor who’s passionate about empowering you with simple tools that are right under your nose. Over the last few years he’s trained over 1000 humans of all ages and stages. His approach is simple and profoundly effective.
“After working with Scott, life is now breathing around me.” - Sal Hejaz
"Scott has a real calm and depth to him." - Wim Hof

You will learn:
+ 5 Different breathing exercises
+ Mindful eating, walking and listening exercises
+ How to change your point of view to a 'glass half-full’, rather than 'half-empty' in a few breaths
+ How breathing influences your heart, your cardiovascular system, your nervous system, and your immune system
+ A 5-breath trick to switch the nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight) mode, to parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode
+ Simple tools and concepts that you will have with you for the rest of your life, right under your nose

Everything’s is backed by solid science, there’s nothing herbal, pseudo or 'whoo whoo' involved.

After the workshop you’ll receive:
+ An explanation of the breathing methods
+ A 7 Day program to integrate what you’ve learnt
+ 30 Day coaching support from Scott
+ A lifetime money back guarantee. Scott believes that these tools will benefit you for a lifetime, and if they don’t, he’ll give you your money back

Additional information:
+ Bring a bite to eat if you’d like, but eat light before the workshop
+ Wear clothes that are comfortable and warm

More infomation on our websites event page. 
Tickets are $35 through our website :)

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Launching Raglan Yoga Loft Unlimited Deals
to Jan 1

Launching Raglan Yoga Loft Unlimited Deals

Hi Loft Community. We are launching our exciting unlimited deals from today.

1 month Unlimited Membership $200 (works out at $50 per week). This deal is aimed at anyone wanting a one month yoga holiday intensive.

3 month Unlimited Membership $450 (works out at $35 per week).

6 month Unlimited Membership $700 (works out at $27 per week). This deal is aimed at our regulars to encourage a strong and regular weekly practice.

12 month Unlimited Membership for $25 per week. With this membership, you receive 10% discount on workshops and 10% discount on products in our upcoming shop.

All memberships can be paid by direct debit weekly, monthly, 3monthly, 6 monthly or yearly.

We are so stoked to offer this to the Raglan Community. If you have any questions you can ask any of the teachers at the studio or contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you.


The Raglan Yoga Loft
58 Wallis Street, Upstairs.

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Candle Light Yin Yoga with Live Music
6:00 PM18:00

Candle Light Yin Yoga with Live Music

During this class we will transport you around the world through live music bringing fourth the elements of the world ranging from the deserts of Africa, to the waterfalls of Native America, and the outback of Australia. 

90 minutes of calm, tranquility and relaxation through gentle yin yoga postures and soothing sounds of acoustic guitar and vocal percussive chanting. This will allow you to leave the stresses of the modern world behind and find your center. 

Yin yoga is a very slow meditative type of yoga that allows you to relax and slow down, both mind and body. The class with finish with a guided meditation. 

Relax, Refresh, Rejevunate. 

The perfect way to end your weekend! 

The class will be led by Eugenia Nikifrow from body love yoga to move the curves accompanied byZVI and the Enlightenment movement creating live music. 

Both men and women are welcome. Suitable for beginners. No experience recquired. 

Early Bird: $20
Regular: $25

Bookings are essential as the spaces are limited.

Contact Eugenia for Enquiries: or 022 068 1928

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Gravity and Levity with Adele Kinghan
1:30 PM13:30

Gravity and Levity with Adele Kinghan

Gravity and Levity Workshop on September 9th 1.30pm to 4pm.

How do you meet earth and space to find balance in who you are in-between?

Join Adele Kinghan at The Raglan Yoga Loft for an exploration on how you relate to two essential opposing forces to find health, strength, grace and ease in your yoga practice – and in your life.

Expect a joyful and revelatory investigation into your movement and belief patterns, within the context of balancing in yoga poses – on your feet and on your hands, and all the transitions between. The afternoon will close with a free movement practice, restorative yoga and meditation.

Adele wants to live in a world where yoga is medicine, everyone’s default state is wellbeing, and dancing in the streets is compulsory. As a certified Embodied Flow yoga teacher she is sought after for her breadth of knowledge, empowering approach and attention to awakening – helping students unwind unhelpful habits and tension and uncovering the best version of themselves.

To Book or register interest please contact Adele Directly at

cost of Workshop is $30.

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Winter Warm Up Wellness Retreat
to Sep 3

Winter Warm Up Wellness Retreat

Movement & Exercise / Nutritious Food / Health Workshops




JOIN US......

September 1st-3rd

Raglan, New Zealand

We are taking over Raglan's Cosy Ocean View B&B .

Options for both private and shared rooms available. Please contact us to request a private room. Double and kind single beds.

Please book early as spaces are limited.

A cosy fire, hot showers and a spa pool to keep you warm.


We will be venturing out into nature, moving through yoga flows, strengthening with pilates and learning to take control of your health in specific health workshops.



The weekend will involve yoga and pilates style classes and our experienced teachers will ensure you are exercising safely at all times.

All activities will be over seen by Katie Richardson a holistic healthcare professional, a registered Physiotherapist with a MSc in Personalised Nutrition. Therefore Katie will be able to cater to all needs and levels of health and fitness. 

If you have any concerns regarding your ability to participate please contact Katie at


Whole is working in collaboration with Earth to Table. Abbie the brains and skills behind True Food and the wonderful Genevieve will be serving up incredible seasonal wholefoods.

The ladies will also be hosting a cooking demonstration to provide you with some wonderful tips to improve your nutrition at home.

We are able to cater for all dietary needs. Please let us know when booking if you have any special requirements.


We are working hard to make our events as accessible as possible.

$390 NZD per person sharing

$450 NZD for a private room

(inc. two nights accommodation, all meals and activities)

Deposit: $200 NZD due upon booking
Full payment due by August 1st
Optional Extras:

Each day you will have time off. This can be spent exploring Raglan, reading your book or even napping.

However if you would like to

treat yourself to a massage
challenge yourself to a surf lesson
trial some mindful crafting with Sew Love
please contact Katie for prices and to book a spot. 


Just yourself and your weekend bag filled with your exercise gear, comfy clothes, a raincoat and over night necessities. We will supply everything else and will even have a little goodie bag ready and waiting for you.

We are very excited to have you join us. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Katie .Movement & Exercise / Nutritious Food / Health Workshops




JOIN US......

September 1st-3rd

Raglan, New Zealand

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Candle Light Yin Yoga - with live music to travel around the world
5:00 PM17:00

Candle Light Yin Yoga - with live music to travel around the world

During this class we will transport you around the world through live music bringing fourth the elements of the world ranging from the deserts of Africa, to the waterfalls of Native America, and the outback of Australia. 

90 minutes of calm, tranquility and relaxation through gentle yin yoga postures and soothing sounds of acoustic guitar and vocal percussive chanting. This will allow you to leave the stresses of the modern world behind and find your center. 

Yin yoga is a very slow meditative type of yoga that allows you to relax and slow down, both mind and body. The class with finish with a guided meditation. 

Relax, Refresh, Rejevunate. 

The perfect way to end your weekend! 

The class will be led by Eugenia Nikiforow from Body Love Yoga to Move the Curves.accompanied by ZVI & The Enlightenment Movement creating live music. 

Both men and women are welcome. Suitable for beginners. No experience recquired. 

Early Bird: $20 - if purchased before the end of 18 June. 
Regular: $25

Bookings are essential as the spaces are very limited (only 15 spots). 

Contact Eugenia for inquieries: or 022 068 1928

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Open Floor Dance
3:00 PM15:00

Open Floor Dance

OpenFloor Movement series At the Raglan Yoga Loft

Saturday 3.00pm for 75 - 90 minutes

Such a good time of year to come in to the warm and enjoy to get our bodies moving! 

Open Floor is a conscious movement practice for building muscular and emotional intelligence, mindfulness and soulfulness.

Using universal movement principles, such as breath, grounding and centering, our aim is to become more embodied or at home, for this beautiful ride of life, present for anything and everything

Conscious dance practice is not about learning to dance but dancing to learn. It can help us move and include the juicy times of joyful release, as well as the challenging moments. To be fluid, flexible and free to experienceall of ourselves is one of the greatest life skills we can develop.

Classes facilitated by Sarah Edwards, OpenFloor Teacher Trainee and experienced group facilitator and therapist. 

What should I expect?

A safe supportive space to move with no pressure or expectation. No need to have prior experience or learn any moves.

Expect great Diverse soundscapes and an opportunity to dance & immerse yourself in a diverse mix of ambient, funk, acid jazz, psy-trance, reggae, folktronic, classical, hip hop, latin, afrobeat, pop, rock, world music. 

Expect to move at your own energy level.

We start with a lightly facilitated "warm in" to good sounds to support you to get your body moving and grooving.

Then each class has a theme which you will be guided to explore in your own way and sometimes with others. 

Creating a supportive. connected group of movers is a key focus

Expect to be moved, Expect to connect, Expect to transform something! 

What should I bring?

Bring all of you! Open Floor is about Moving and Including whatever we're with.

People usually dance bare foot or with light dance shoes if they prefer.

Good to have a water bottle.

Cost; $35 for 7 class Series. Individual class $10 Unwaged $7

Not been to one of Sarah's classes before? First Class Free, come check it out. 

Series will be 7 classes 10/06, 17/06, 24/06 (2 week break) 15/07, 22/07, 29/07, 05/08

(Each class stands alone. Love to have you at all them but you can pick and choose.) 

For more info about OpenFloor or Sarah, check out or Call Sarah on 0272864945

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The 10 positions with Sara Zavaglio
to Apr 16

The 10 positions with Sara Zavaglio

The goal of the workshop is to understand how valuable energetically the asana is and to practice them in a particular order. During the workshop we will go through all of the positions and their variations both preparatory and respiratory, trying to understand which of them are best to amplify the effects of each Asana.

Sara Zavaglio is a dedicated student of the Yoga Master Walter Thirak Ruta, who himself is a diciple of Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda yogi , the Madras silent master. Cost is $60.

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Ayurveda and AyurYoga Workshop with Angela Ingliss
to Mar 5

Ayurveda and AyurYoga Workshop with Angela Ingliss

Keep Your Inner Fire Burning Brightly with AYURVEDA & AYUR-YOGA

Find out how Ayurveda & Ayur-Yoga can help you maintain mind-body balance ~ now and throughout the year. 

AYURVEDA: Discover Your Ayurvedic Constitution & Use Ayurveda in Daily Life

Whether you want to maximize energy, minimize stress and emotional turbulence, manage weight or cope with physical ailments, understanding your Ayurvedic Constitution is the essential first step in finding the most effective route to a healthier mind and body for you. 
Learn how to determine your constitution and begin using Ayurveda, every day, for a more balanced and nourishing life. 

AYUR-YOGA: Optimize Your Yoga Practice using the Wisdom of Ayurveda
~ A Workshop for Students and Teachers of Yoga

Because each of us has a unique mind-body type, we have different strengths and challenges when it comes to our yoga practice.
~ Find out how different postures affect you, depending on your Ayurvedic Constitution
~ Learn how to use mental concepts and physical modifications to maximize benefits (e.g. feeling grounded, clear, strong, joyful; increasing energy, ease and effortlessness) and reduce discomforts (e.g. anxiety, irritation, fatigue, strain)

*Includes both lecture and physical practice components; wear comfortable clothing appropriate for doing yoga postures

AYURVEDA ~ 3.5 hours ~ $65
AYUR-YOGA ~ 2.5 hours ~ $45
Save when you register for both workshops ~ $100
Add a one-on-one Ayurvedic Consultation with Angela ~ $70

AYURVEDIC CONSULTATIONS: One-on-One Consultations for Your Personalized Wellness Plan

What you can expect from a consultation: 
A limited number of one-on-one consultations with Angela are available.
Save $$ when you book your consultation at the time of workshop registration. 
Consultations (when booked with a workshop): $70
Consultation only: $80

Angela has been studying Yoga for more than 20 years, Ayurveda for 15 and has been teaching these "sister sciences" for a decade. It is due to the wisdom of these practices that she is now living the life she has always dreamed of. 
Find out more about Angela, Ayurveda & Ayur-Yoga:

Additional information for the studio:
Consultations require 75 minutes with a 15-minute break-period in between.

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An Afternoon of Yin Yoga and Tea
1:00 PM13:00

An Afternoon of Yin Yoga and Tea

Join us for an afternoon of yin yoga, relaxation, meditation and tea tasting. 

A culmination of the last 8 weeks of our Tuesday evening Yin & Tea classes, this will be an extended yin yoga class followed by a delicious relaxation and guided meditation. Afterwards, we will have the full range of botanical Forage + Bloom teas available to sample.

This afternoon practice will help you feel still, quietly calm and deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. 

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