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Rise Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


4 separate immersive weeks throughout the year. Dates are as follows.
- Immersion 1: 29th March to 2nd April
-Immersion 2: 17th May to 22nd May
-Teacher Training 1: 10th September to 15th September
-Teacher Training 2: 29th October to 3rd November

You are able to book in for the immersion parts 1 and 2 for a deeper exploration of your own personal practice, it is then optional to take the 2 teacher training components to complete the 200hour YTT certification.

RISE is a Yoga Alliance certified 200hour program, recognised by and registered through the School of Embodied Flow™ and grounded in vinyasa yoga and tantric teachings. Backed by several years of experience in teaching yoga teacher trainings at the 200hour basic and the 300 hour advanced training, we commit to offering the highest standard of teaching methods.

Led by seasoned faclitator Adele Kinghan, this immersion and teacher training offers a skillful blend of movement, asana (yoga poses), meditation, philosophy, anatomy, psychology and science as technologies for acquiring an integrated sense of strength, ease and connectivity in the human form. We meet on the mat as a place to discover your own innate capacity to step into a life that is in flow, where you can thrive in every layer your being and take that awakened mind out into world.

Only Embodied Flow™ teacher training offered in New Zealand

Teaching yoga will likely be one of the most rewarding and awe-inspiring paths you’ll embark upon. Facilitating yoga experiences – in essence being a yoga teacher – is much more than cueing a series of physical shapes. Learning about and teaching poses is merely the gateway (one of many gateways) for something much bigger. 

View it as six months to upgrade your life.

In this yoga immersion and training we bring to life the potential in our practices with a limited-size group of curious people who are ready to question, explore and shake things up.

We create spaces where we feel that we belong, where we feel at home. We inspire hope, belief and trust. We move and be moved, challenge and be challenged, with the perfect blend of practical knowledge and spiritual meaning.

We examine how we doubt and suffer and alchemize it with vulnerability and love. We create boundaries to find a framework for freedom, and we crack our perspective wide open. We come together to laugh and deepen our joy and shed our pain. We find stillness. We articulate and bring into being all that’s possible within, while reveling in how truly magical – and similar – we actually are.

It’s for this reason that RISE is affiliated with Embodied Flow™. This method is the foundation for how you grow into yourself – the self that is beyond your current day construct of who you are. The self that is limitless and full of agency. The self that is easeful and all knowing. The self that is true, conscious and imbued with wellbeing.

Intelligent, inclusive and enlivening yoga for a healthy, resilient, awake body and mind.

4separate immersive weeks to transform everything you love and know to be true – in the dance of the highs and lows of your humanness – into the artistry of teaching yoga and facilitating change.

Join us in 2018 and… 

Be schooled in teaching methodology in the style of vinyasa, yin and Embodied Flow and craft classes you’re inspired to take and teach
Dive into embodied experiential anatomy and alignment
Learn and practice theming strategies to take your students on an expansive and up-leveling journey
Create intelligent and skillful vinyasa sequences and find your own language to inspire classes and movements
Discover your authentic voice and deepen your presence – unlocking your own unique potential
Find confidence to offer therapeutics to work with common imbalances, injuries and applied yoga techniques for special populations (trauma informed teaching)
Explore appropriate modifications for each category of poses
Learn how to teach from the bodies you see in front of you, not from an external or dogmatic ideal.
Discover how to empower and support different bodies, and practice verbal and hands-on adjustments
Build class templates for teaching a beginner’s series as well as open-level group classes
Understand the special needs of yoga for pregnancy and restorative application
Embody what it means to hold space for your students, how to read the room, and practice empathy
Confidence in using music in the yoga room and other ways to construct elements for transformative experiences
Uphold yoga ethics and be a leader in the yoga community
Distill your values and vision for your offerings and translate that into the business of yoga. Discover what YOU + YOGA is and how to bring that alive
Observe others in their courage and presence, and practice teaching – A LOT
Feel connected and supported with post-training mentoring to practice with other RISE graduates and continue to evolve with the material.

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