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Open Floor Dance

OpenFloor Movement series At the Raglan Yoga Loft

Saturday 3.00pm for 75 - 90 minutes

Such a good time of year to come in to the warm and enjoy to get our bodies moving! 

Open Floor is a conscious movement practice for building muscular and emotional intelligence, mindfulness and soulfulness.

Using universal movement principles, such as breath, grounding and centering, our aim is to become more embodied or at home, for this beautiful ride of life, present for anything and everything

Conscious dance practice is not about learning to dance but dancing to learn. It can help us move and include the juicy times of joyful release, as well as the challenging moments. To be fluid, flexible and free to experienceall of ourselves is one of the greatest life skills we can develop.

Classes facilitated by Sarah Edwards, OpenFloor Teacher Trainee and experienced group facilitator and therapist. 

What should I expect?

A safe supportive space to move with no pressure or expectation. No need to have prior experience or learn any moves.

Expect great Diverse soundscapes and an opportunity to dance & immerse yourself in a diverse mix of ambient, funk, acid jazz, psy-trance, reggae, folktronic, classical, hip hop, latin, afrobeat, pop, rock, world music. 

Expect to move at your own energy level.

We start with a lightly facilitated "warm in" to good sounds to support you to get your body moving and grooving.

Then each class has a theme which you will be guided to explore in your own way and sometimes with others. 

Creating a supportive. connected group of movers is a key focus

Expect to be moved, Expect to connect, Expect to transform something! 

What should I bring?

Bring all of you! Open Floor is about Moving and Including whatever we're with.

People usually dance bare foot or with light dance shoes if they prefer.

Good to have a water bottle.

Cost; $35 for 7 class Series. Individual class $10 Unwaged $7

Not been to one of Sarah's classes before? First Class Free, come check it out. 

Series will be 7 classes 10/06, 17/06, 24/06 (2 week break) 15/07, 22/07, 29/07, 05/08

(Each class stands alone. Love to have you at all them but you can pick and choose.) 

For more info about OpenFloor or Sarah, check out or Call Sarah on 0272864945