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Raglan: Take5 Breathing Workshop

Discover how your breathing influences your direct experience of life. Feel how your brain, your heart, and your body are affected through your breath. Learn to switch from "autopilot" to "conscious pilot" with your breath at any moment.

Tickets are $35 through our website

Benefits of focused breathing:
+ It enhances life and makes everything more awesome
+ Reduces stress and anxiety instantly
+ Increases your focus and clarity
+ It’s a legal natural high - get a dose of your own happy hormones
+ Boosts your happiness
+ Heightens your awareness
+ Improves your health
+ Increases your energy, performance and recovery
+ Helps you sleep better

Who’s this for:
+ Anyone who’s looking to improve and bring more awareness into any aspect of their life
+ People who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and other mental challenges
+ Anyone seeking further clarity, focus, and fulfilment
+ Those looking to increase their physical performance, body awareness and recovery
+ Anyone wanting to boost their happiness and find a sense of calm
+ Everyone breathes and can benefit from focused breathing exercises and understanding

Who is Scott?
Scott is a Certified Wim Hof Instructor who’s passionate about empowering you with simple tools that are right under your nose. Over the last few years he’s trained over 1000 humans of all ages and stages. His approach is simple and profoundly effective.
“After working with Scott, life is now breathing around me.” - Sal Hejaz
"Scott has a real calm and depth to him." - Wim Hof

You will learn:
+ 5 Different breathing exercises
+ Mindful eating, walking and listening exercises
+ How to change your point of view to a 'glass half-full’, rather than 'half-empty' in a few breaths
+ How breathing influences your heart, your cardiovascular system, your nervous system, and your immune system
+ A 5-breath trick to switch the nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight) mode, to parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode
+ Simple tools and concepts that you will have with you for the rest of your life, right under your nose

Everything’s is backed by solid science, there’s nothing herbal, pseudo or 'whoo whoo' involved.

After the workshop you’ll receive:
+ An explanation of the breathing methods
+ A 7 Day program to integrate what you’ve learnt
+ 30 Day coaching support from Scott
+ A lifetime money back guarantee. Scott believes that these tools will benefit you for a lifetime, and if they don’t, he’ll give you your money back

Additional information:
+ Bring a bite to eat if you’d like, but eat light before the workshop
+ Wear clothes that are comfortable and warm

More infomation on our websites event page. 
Tickets are $35 through our website :)