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Discover the wholeness of Being with Cheryl Farthing


Cost $225 until 25th June (early Bird Price), $250 after.

Take a journey to uncover what rests at the core of your being. Learn how to welcome all that you are and be at ease with, and find the best response to, the challenges you face.

Come and be taken on an exquisite journey of surrender and letting be …. a place where you will discover an awakened yet relaxed state as your body and mind find deep rest and a place in you that is always perfectly at ease, perfectly whole and fully at peace.

iRest® yoga nidra is a research based meditation protocol developed by Dr.Richard Miller and his team to help heal veteran soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder. It magically melds ancient yogic practices with the techniques of mindfulness and with current findings in neuroscience and is now used widely throughout the world to help with general relaxation as well as for chronic pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety.

It doesn't matter if you've never practised yoga nidra before - everyone is welcome.

You will learn tools and gain insights to help you recover your natural ability to find ease, stillness and rest. There will be gentle asana based body sensing movement, guided irest practices and blissful sound meditation baths as crystal bowls and other sound therapy instruments will accompany you as you journey deeper into discovering your wholeness of being.

Workshop will be lead by Cheryl Farthing a yoga teacher for last 18 years who has studied globally with many leading teachers but is most profoundly infuenced by Geeta Iyengar, Judith Lasater, and Dr Richard Miler. She lives in Auckland where she runs The Yoga Studio sharing sound therapy, yoga and iRest. She is very passionate about the teachings of iRest as they have helped her to embrace life's ups and downs (of which there have been many) with sense of joy, ease and grace. She is one of a handful of certified teachers in NZ and regularly runs specialist workshops for insomnia, teens with anxiety, parents of children with disabilities, chronic pain and for everyone dealing with the business of everyday life.

Through a weekend combining dynamic asana practice, breath work, yoga nidra, philosophy and restorative yoga practice, whether you’ve been preoccupied with physical aspects of your being, or searching to find answers and direction on a spiritual or personal quandary, you will develop and learn tools that will help you to find energy, balance and peace in your everyday life.

Over the weekend you will learn the 10 tools of iRest yoga nidra and explore how to integrate these practices into your daily life
Liberate energy through an exploration of the Koshas and chakras

Melt tension with blissful sound baths

Learn to discover a place of equanimity of being.

To experience and learn the fundamentals 10 step protocol of iRest® Yoga Nidra
Restorative Yoga where you fully relax as you journey inward to the sound of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and liberate stagnant energy.
Explore how gentle yoga practice becomes a moving expression of iRest yoga nidra come to the first- hand experience of your body as pure dynamic vibration.

Workshop includes workbook and audio recording

Cost $225 until 25th June (early Bird Price), $250 after.

Workshop Times
Friday 26 July 7.30- 9 pm
Saturday 27 July 10 .30 – 1.30 ( 3 hours) and 3pm – 5pm ( 2 hours)
Sunday 28 July 9.30 - 12.30pm ( 3 hours) and 2 – 4pm ( 2 hours)

Bookings Directly at or 0274760067.
Note this event is being marketed in Auckland and is already filling up. 8 spaces left so do get in touch if you wish to attend.